Canada emerging as a leader in green tech

Canada is increasingly becoming an important player in the development and patenting of climate change mitigation
technologies, with relative specialization in carbon capture, buildings (energy efficiency) and smart grids.  For the interested reader, detailed statistics are available in the 2016 IP Canada Report, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, Canadian Intellectual Property Office, available online at

The Canadian government has played a large role in helping the green tech sector gain a presence in the economy.  In 2016, the government committed to invest more than $1 billion over four years to support clean technology. Budget 2017 expanded on that commitment by taking action to boost the growth of Canada’s clean technology sector by providing financing that innovative companies need to grow, supporting research, development, demonstration, and adoption of clean technologies; and enhancing collaboration.

More recently, a record-breaking 13 Canadian businesses were named in the Global Cleantech 100 list at the Cleantech Forum in San Francisco last month (Jan. 2018). This is a major accomplishment as the list represents the most innovative and promising clean technologies from around the world.  Way to go Canada clean tech!



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