Scale up…opportunities for patenting

The scale-up phase of innovation often presents daunting challenges.  However, where there are problems to be solved, patenting opportunities may follow.  Such late-stage innovation is often more incremental in nature than an initial invention that forms the core of the business, but cumulatively, a platform of key enabling patents may hold significant value to a … Continue reading Scale up…opportunities for patenting

Invention mining – finding those gold nuggets

Sometimes you need to do a bit of digging to figure out if there are gold nuggets embedded in your R and D programs that are not being brought to the fore for patenting.  While this might not be a problem for a start-up, it can become an issue as your company gets bigger. I've … Continue reading Invention mining – finding those gold nuggets

Canada emerging as a leader in green tech

Canada is increasingly becoming an important player in the development and patenting of climate change mitigation technologies, with relative specialization in carbon capture, buildings (energy efficiency) and smart grids.  For the interested reader, detailed statistics are available in the 2016 IP Canada Report, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, Canadian Intellectual Property Office, available online … Continue reading Canada emerging as a leader in green tech


With the goal of helping you achieve success in patenting in the green tech space, my site covers a wide range of topics relevant to start-ups, mid-size companies and tech transfer offices. I try to keep things simple when they need to be, yet drill down when more information is warranted.  I would be delighted … Continue reading Introduction